WG Property

WG Property is a growing trusted real estate developer in the heart of Bandung city, West Java.

Focussing on residential and business industrial spaces, WG Property has developed many projects and all of those are the local hits.

Since 1976, WG Property starts its projects with health concious and urban living concept residential named Grand Sharon Residence with 1.300 family registrations approved; nature view simple living concept development in the district of Bandung – Grand Cendana Residence with 750 houses sold; business or industrial warehouses in Kutawaringin with 90% sold on its first phase; and of course many projects in the planning to come.

Given the experience of developing big projects from scratch, WG Property’s knowledge and practical actions in land acquisition, building good quality of houses and warehouses, and finding the potential area to develop are highly qualified, recommended and trusted for your assurance in investing to one of our projects.

When it comes to residencial planning and developing, WG Property always envision its project to be a healthy living environment. It was portrayed on its latest projects in Grand Sharon Residence called Rumah Cahaya, which pays a lot of attention on the built-in garden and sunlight supply to each of the houses.


To become a trusted property developer who always orients and innovates towards improving the quality of life of every costumer through healthy and sustainable residential and commercial designs.



Presenting property areas with the best quality and investment value


provide property areas that are livable so that people always live healthy, safe, and peaceful lives


Become the best and most trusted property developer in Bandung

Our Value


HUMBLE, While there’s always a time and place to celebrate individual accomplishments, no single person is bigger than the team.


INTEGRITY creates trust. As an organization, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset.


TEAMWORK, We work together to bring our passions and expertise to make Teachable the best it can be.


We work smartly, take care of our team, and have fun in order to ensure the SUSTAINABLE and success of our organization.

Our Story

wg property has a history when this company was formed

Mr. Wawan Gunawan started a business by buying and selling used motorcycles since 1976 and then developing into a pioneer of buying and selling used automotives in the city of Bandung which later became the king of buying and selling used automotives in the city of Bandung. Mr. Wawan Gunawan's main principle in developing a business is to always provide new added value for every product marketed.

Founder of WG Property

As the first generation of a family company, Mr. Wawan Gunawan continues to innovate and be creative in developing new businesses. Until then, Mr. Wawan Gunawan saw a great opportunity from the property business which later developed into WG Property. This spirit of innovation and perseverance has become a legacy for Mr. Ronny Gunawan and Mr. Darwin Gunawan as the second generation of WG Property.

Innovate Product

Mr. Ronny Gunawan and Mr. Darwin Gunawan will continue to uphold the principles of quality, resilience, perseverance, and creativity in developing WG Property to become a local champion property.

Second Generation

    Our Timeline

    WG Property is a trusted developer in Bandung who has several projects as below

    Grand Sharon Residence History
    Grand Sharon Residence
    • 2009 - Grand Sharon Residence East Bandung Cluster Debut.
    • 2015 - Opening Clover Sport Club in Grand Sharon Residence cluster.
    • 2020 - Grand Sharon Residence light house concept ( Rumah Cahaya ) launch.
    • 2021 - Grand Sharon Residence luxury house type ( Camelia ) launch.
    • 2022 - Grand Sharon Residence is occupied by > 1300 families.
    Kutawaringin Industrial Park History
    Kutawaringin Industrial Park
    • 2015 - Kutawaringin Park comes as a business solution for all entrepreneurs in Bandung.
    • 2017 - Government inaugurated Kutawaringin Park toll gate access.
    • 2022 - Over 69.000 meters of construction phase 1 for Kutawaringin Park have been sold.
    • 2024 - Kutawaringin Park phase 2 is coming soon.
    Grand Cendana Residence Now
    Grand Cendana Residence
    • 2019 - Grand Cendana Residence comes as a business solution environtment friendly.
    • 2019 - Chosen by indonesian president for the supporters of 1 million house programs.
    • 2022 - Grand Cendana Residence is occupied by 700 families.
    • 2022 - Grand Cendana Residence’s new millennials concept is coming soon.

    Upcoming Project